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    Grasp New Opportunities, Start a New Journey and Create New Advantages—SIONLIGHT Group 2014 Marketing Training Conference Successfully Concluded

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        The 2014 Marketing Training Conference was held in ZTE University, Dameisha, Shenzhen from December 31, 2013 to January 5, 2014. Themed with “Grasp New Opportunities, Start a New Journey and Create New Advantages”, the conference was attended by some 270 attendants. Lectured by 24 internal and external lecturers, the conference featured such contents as strategic culture, risk control, legal lecture, technical lecture, modern marketing, industry trends, brand image, international trade and service management. The market system commended advanced individuals and made appointments for the new year, and announced sales outline and planning report. The following pre-set goals in various meeting were also achieved:

        1. Focus on technical knowledge improvement and marketing guidance combining system solutions and application scenarios
        Have the marketing personnel learn about technical knowledge (traditional product improvement, application in new markets and market expansion of new products) and train them into knowledgeable expert marketing personnel; develop system solution selling marketing abilities (particularly in selling points and application scenarios), understand system integration and project sales related knowledge; integrate database marketing and customer relation management and teach modern marketing theories.
        Deepen basic management training for marketing personnel with weak knowledge in basic management and corporate regulations and weak operational skills (to be respectively conducted by domestic and international departments); design and arrange corporate culture improvement lectures for the large number of new marketing employees and the current employees becoming unfamiliar with corporate culture; introduce brand knowledge courses in view of the marketing team’s lack of knowledge in brand marketing; arrange specialized lectures on international trade knowledge; continue to offer trainings on risk control and legal awareness;

        2. Invite Mr. Ma Guangyuan to lecture on the current domestic and foreign macroeconomic situations and interpret the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC; invite Huawei experts to lecture on 4G LTE knowledge and give insights on the latest industry developments;

        3. Sales system team appointment and dismissal; sales outline explanation, target system disintegration of personnel at all levels; make scientific and systematic adjustments based on the team structure and personnel quality of current sales system; define internal management and business operation processes in the sales system for the new year;

        With the conclusion of the 2014 Marketing Training Conference, SIONLIGHT Group will be committed to building an “international, young, knowledge and characteristic” SIONLIGHT marketing team under improvements in “theme planning, innovative form, rich content, effectiveness-focused”.