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    job description

    1. According to product requirements complete modular design, coding, testing;

    2. the responsible person-machine interaction interface design, server-side and client-side software for design, development and maintenance;

    3. in accordance with the project direction, develop mobile APP, mobile Web product, using HTML5 and CSS3 WebApp interface research and development;

    4. using JavaScript to implement mobile (smart phone, Tablet) interaction effects in a WebApp;

    5. in the course of project development, responsible for modular product design, project progress;

    6. late follow up tests, project management;

    7. the study and application of new technologies in the field of intelligent terminals;

    8. UI/UE design team with the complete application development;

    9. in line with markets in other sectors, providing product-related technical support. Qualifications


    1. Bachelor degree with two years working experience in leading a team of developers, 2 years experience of IOS or Android platform-independent development, familiar with the IOS system architecture and related technologies; in-depth understanding of Java design patterns, the Android system framework;

    2. objective-c, Java, and other mobile platform with a solid basis of language and data structure, skilled in using the Android SDK and iOS SDK development tools, have good coding style;

    3. Proficiency in UI design, layout, animation and special effects, be familiar with relational database management and configuration, and SQL statements are prepared, familiar with the HTTP protocol and the HTTPS protocol, understand the General network communication protocols; strong problem-solving skills, deep understanding of OOD/OOP;

    4. proactive work, good teamwork spirit, strong sense of responsibility and rigorous work style, interest in mobile products, new technologies hold sensitive and committed to the exploration and research of new technologies, the industry has a very good understanding and sensitivity;

    5. personal development priorities of work, has been in the App Store and other published work is preferred.