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    job description

    1. Embellish product brochures and other promotional materials;

    2. Design product process according to the design requirements of the contract, relevant standards and specifications;

    3. Prepare process design drawings of the equipment, components and parts according to the design requirements of the contract;

    4. Prepare product process documents according to the design requirements of the contract, and set process quota of material consumption;

    5. Design process equipment, verify and improve process and equipment as needed by the contract and process;

    6. Work out product quality standards and quality indicators of various processes according to the design requirements of the contract, implement, supervise and inspect them;

    7. Technical disclosure to production related personnel;

    8. Work with salesmen to complete the technical plans and other tasks required by the Sales Department;

    9. Track and timely update the latest developments of related standards and norms;

    10. Follow advanced production technologies and processes in the industry at home and abroad, and put forward rational technical improvement suggestions;

    11. Provide technical support and technical service for equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging;

    12. Process testing of development projects of the Company.


    1. Bachelors or above majoring in Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Electronics or Electromechanical Engineering, Automation Control and related specializations;

    2. Have a basic knowledge of process design and process calculation;

    3. Proficient in process design procedures (like electrical equipment process design and workflow design);

    4. Those holding a Engineer Title preferred;

    5. Cheerful, communicative and team-spirited;

    6. Proficient in MAYA, 3ds max, pro/e, UG NX and CAXA or one of them;

    7. Accept short-term business trips.