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    “Levering” Industrial Transformation with the Energy-saving Lever

    Views:6458         Author:admin2         Publish Time:2017-04-14

           Taizhou Completed the “Twelfth Five-year” Energy-saving Goals One Year in Advance

           Xinhua News—According to Taizhou Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology on the 26th, Taizhou has “levered” economic transformation and upgrade through the energy-saving lever and kept the energy-saving prewarning green light on. Taizhou’s energy consumption per unit industrial output decreased by 16.15% year on year in 2014 and that of per unit GDP by 14.78% accumulatively in the first three years of the “Twelfth Five-year Period”, ranking second in the province. Therefore, Taizhou is expected to complete the provincial 18% decrease goal of energy consumption per GDP one year in advance during the “Twelfth Five-year Period”.

           Guided by the development idea of quality industries driving quantity increase and reversed transmission of backward industries, Taizhou was among the top in the province in terms of industrial invoiced sales growth, effective input growth and energy consumption decrease per GDP in 2014, pushing the “quantitative and qualitative growth” of the industrial economy.

           As the “addition” of quantity increase of quality industries does, the “deduction” of energy saving and consumption reduction plays an important role in industrial transformation and upgrade. With a focus on key energy-saving projects, Taizhou carried forward 129 energy-saving and technical improvement projects in the ship, textile and chemical industries, and helped 28 enterprises implement energy-saving scale and application demonstration projects. After inspecting the law enforcement of 77 units and publically and privately investigating 41 public institutions, Taizhou eliminated 1,000 sets of backward equipment. The key energy-consuming enterprises across the city accumulatively saved 900,000 tons of standard coals, completing the provincial and national goals in advance. Also promoting energy performance contracting, Taizhou has verified 28 voluntary cleaner production enterprises and 48 integrated resource use enterprises. By constantly improving enterprise efficiency of energy use and controlling the total energy consumption, Taizhou has fostered a batch of advanced energy-saving enterprises. Among them is SIONLIGHT Group developing the Lead Carbon Start/Stop Battery Project with the PLA No.1 Chemical Defense Institute. With a charging time 1/4 of lead acid batteries and a cycle life twice of lead acid batteries, the lead carbon batteries are the best power source for start/stop systems. With 7 invention patents pending, the project has been listed as a key support project by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Another advanced energy-saving enterprise is Taizhou Green Power Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. Invested with RMB 420 million, the Company can “digest” 330,000 tons of household garbage in Taizhou downtown and surrounding areas, generating 79 million KWH of electricity in 2014 and expected to generate 100 million KWH of electricity this year. The Dioxin discharge of the project is 0.06ng TEQ/Nm3 only, much lower than the EU standard.

           All-media Reporter Gu Jiezhu, Correspondents Jiang Chengyun and Xue Lin from Xinhua News